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Art-Loc® 2nd Century

Art-Loc®Advanced Roofing Shingle Technology is Our Tradition

Our Art-Loc® asphalt shingles are manufactured for Sherriff-Goslin to Sherriff-Goslin's standards. Art-Loc® is a revolutionary diamond shaped asphalt shingle designed to be held down at six different points. These six fastened points can be acheived through applying four nails to each shingle in addition to 2 tabbed, interlocking points on each shingle. While Art-Loc® is great for any new roof installation, its unique interlocking shingle design makes it ideal for reroofing applications. Installing Art-Loc® directly over your existing asphalt shingle roof saves time, saves money, and can spare you the stress of a messy tear-off roof replacement.

10 Year Free Service Guarantee30 Year Limited WarrantyWhat makes Art-Loc® roofing shingles so durable?
The secret is in the compound SBS (Styrene-Butidiene-Styrene) . During the manufacturing process, SBS bonds to oils in the asphalt shingle creating an elastic compound that gives Art-Loc® impact resistant shingles unprecedented flexibility, durability and water resistance.


Art-Loc® Roof


Class A Fire ResistanceShingles tested for fire resistance
Art-Loc® shingles meet the UL 790 Class A Fire Resistance standard—the highest rating available for fire resistance. Achieving a 'Class A' rating requires a shingle to pass an intermittent flame test, a spread of flame test, and a burning brand test.

Class 4 Impact ResistanceShingles tested for impact resistance
We know your roof shingles endure more than heavy rain and relentless sun. That's why Art-Loc® impact resistant shingles meet the UL Class 4 Impact rating, which is the highest rating available. This test measures the ability of asphalt roofing shingles to resist roof damage from a hail storm. This means Art-Loc® roof shingles resist cracking, wont curl, and can withstand hail storms with minimal damage. Because Art-Loc® shingles meet this UL standard, State Farm Insurance has listed it in Michigan and Indiana as a select roofing material eligible for premium credit.

80 mph Wind RatedShingles tested for wind resistance
Art-Loc® roofing shingles also meet the UL 997 Wind Resistance roof standard. During this test Art-Loc® shingles easily withstood winds of up to 80 miles per hour for a two-hour period of time. An Art-Loc® roof means fewer roof repairs and an attractive shingle for the lifetime of your roof.

Art-Loc® Asphalt Shingles    
30 Year Limited Shingle Warranty
80 mph Wind Rated
StormMaster® Shake Architectural Shingles  
Lifetime* Limited Shingle Warranty
102 mph Wind Rated
Art-Loc® & StormMaster® Shake Shingles
Class 4 Impact Resistance
SBS Modified
Class A Fire Resistance*
Under specified application procedures.
10 Year FREE SERVICE Guarantee
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