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Sherriff-Goslin—The Midwest's roofer Of Choice For Over 100 Years.

Mr. Sherrif and Mr. Goslin

With branch locations throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio and more than a century of experience, the Sherriff-Goslin Company is one of the most respected and trusted roofing contractors in the Midwest.

The company offers professional roofing services for commercial buildings, residential homes, barns and churches. Sherriff-Goslin also stands ready to inspect roofs, make durable roof repairs and install high-quality roofing systems with an industry-leading 10-year free service guarantee.

The original Sherriff-Goslin building

The Sherriff-Goslin Company began as a “one-horse” roofing company in 1906 in Battle Creek, MI. Early in our history, Mr. Sherriff paid newsman B.G. “Bert” Goslin for a small roofing services advertisement in the Battle Creek Inquirer. The advertising deal sparked a lifelong friendship and business relationship.

Less than a month later, Sherriff offered Mr. Goslin a one-third interest in the company for $3,500 with no note and no interest. Goslin accepted, and immediately introduced residential roofing into the company’s business model. The company had previously offered only commercial tar and gravel roofing projects. The decision to expand into residential roofing was a game changer.

The 1945 Sherriff-Goslin team

The company thrived after the introduction of its Art-Loc® interlocking, diamond-shaped asphalt shingles for residential applications. The first expansion office was opened in 1918 in Saginaw, MI. Two years later, more Michigan offices were opened in Jackson, Grand Rapids, Bay City and Lansing.

Members of the Sherriff and Goslin families continue to run the company with the same core values that have guided them for the past century. Honesty, integrity and friendly service continue to be at the heart of Sherriff-Goslin’s business model. A history spanning multiple generations stands as a testament to the value Sherriff-Goslin places on loyalty and trust between customers and their employees. Many branch managers and sales team members have been with Sherriff-Goslin for more than 25 years.

The 1945 Sherriff-Goslin team

The Sherriff-Goslin Company now operates 18 branches across three states: Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. Art-Loc interlocking shingles are still a big seller. The company offers free roof inspections and roofing services for commercial, residential and agricultural buildings, as well as algae-resistant Pinnacle® Pristine, StormMaster® Slate, StormMaster® Shake and Art-Loc shingles, all featuring Scotchgard™ Protector.

For more than 100 years, premium products, professional service and integrity in business have earned the Sherriff-Goslin Company the respect and trust of the Midwest.

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