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Sherriff-Goslin Gives Back to Kalamazoo Family and Children Services Agency
by The Sherriff
Kalamazoo Family and Children Services

Family and Children Services is a private, non-profit agency that offers behavioral health and child welfare programs to vulnerable families in the Southwest Michigan areas of Kalamazoo, Portage and Battle Creek. Services include foster care and adoption, foster care supportive visitation/in-home education, Family And Community Treatment (FACT), respite care, and mobile crisis response and outpatient counseling.

A Facility Of Nurturing And Fun

Like many non-profits, Family and Children Services relies on generous donations both to stay viable and to address larger projects, such as the “Making Room for Hope” building campaign.

“Making Room For Hope,” the Kalamazoo-based agency’s largest revitalization in its 133-year existence, was vital for its commitment to the community. Launched in launched in 2014, the project was designed to provide nurturing spaces for trauma reduction and youth education and to ensure that Family and Children Services could continue to provide services to vulnerable children and families.

The $5.1 million renovation culminated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Nov.10, 2016. The agency officially opened the doors to its newly constructed Family Center, renovated Youth Activity Center, renovated Counseling Center and new outdoor green space and playground.

For Family and Children Services CEO Sherry Thomas-Cloud, the project was the culmination of a dream.

“This agency has been a beacon of hope for families and a place where they find compassion, encouragement and real solutions to life’s difficult times,” she said. “These facilities will help our staff improve service delivery to clients, reduce trauma and provide positive spaces for families to interact and for individuals to heal.”

The Sherriff-Goslin Seal Of Approval

Kalamazoo Family and Children Services play areea

In mid-2015, Sherriff-Goslin Roofing, Kalamazoo branch, was invited to bid on the roofing portion of the Family and Children Services project because the company had done such a good job roofing the agency’s office building five years before. After meeting with the project contractor, Miller-Davis Company, Sherriff-Goslin submitted a bid for a new roof that included the company’s signature diamond-shaped Art-Loc® shingles as well as ice and water shield, felt, drip edge, ventilation and gutters. A few months later, Kalamazoo manager, Justin Reynolds learned Sherriff-Goslin had won the roofing job.

For two days in early May, Sherriff-Goslin’s crew installed 100 squares of Art-Loc® shingles as well as new ridge vents and hip and ridge shingles. Some additional edge-vent was installed on an end wall of a first-story section that tied in to the brick. The crew also cut in some counter flashing to the parapet wall over the front entrance.

Though coordinating large-scale construction projects with multiple contractors can be a challenge, Reynolds said working with Miller-Davis was a pleasure.

“The company takes safety as seriously as we do, which is rare to see in this industry,” Reynolds said. “The building is nice looking and has a beautiful Art-Loc roof on it now.”

Making A Statement

Sherriff-Goslin Company, a leading roofer in the Great Lakes and Midwest, has been installing roofs on homes, commercial buildings and barns and farm structures for more than 100 years. In addition to protecting the structure, Art-Loc® interlocking shingles can be used to create a message or image on the roof. Contact Sherriff-Goslin to find out how Art-Loc® shingles can help you stand out in your community.

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